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Red and Pink Hair are common traits in the Royal Moon blood line

Through out the whole Royal Moon blood line there has been times when a child is born with red eyes and pink hair regardless of what traits the parents may have.

This is because the child will be born on a day/night of the red moon that gives them those traits,when it happens and who gets to be the ”red moon baby” in the family is totally random.

Though there has been times that children that were red moon babies had…darker traits to the rest of the family. (Like Rini for example)

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Usagi is actually quite chubby! Even though she is a sailor scout, she would never stop eating. Usagi prefers it that way.

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Most of the long and elaborate transformations aren’t actually what’s happening physically, but symbolize what changing into a magical girl feels like; the rush of power as a young girl changes into something more powerful.

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Homura did nothing wrong.

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Mami wants to be able to travel to Italy one day

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Anyone can Character transform with their Shugo Chara, if they believe in themselves hard enough, remember what their dream is and why they have a Shugo Chara, without needing the Humpty Lock or the Dumpty Key

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In Shugo Chara, you can become a Character bearer at any age, as long as you still have a great dream,but need some guidance along the way

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The TWO parts of Rebellion story, took place in Madokas dream. (the fighting, and the weird cutscene)

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There’s a prison for magical girls.

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